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Jason Jingshi Li, PhD


About Me

Dr. Jason Jingshi Li is the founder of Learning Machines Pty Ltd. He is a data scientist with more than a decade of experience in artificial intelligence (AI) research and development, including years of leading the technical delivery of AI and Natural Language Processing solutions for IBM in Australia and Asia-Pacific region; and serving as a member of the ABC Advisory Council between 2019-2022 on providing strategic, technological, and programming advice and recommendations to ABC board and management. He is active in advising, architecting, and delivering enterprise AI solutions to Australian financial and public sectors.

My research interests are in Artificial Intelligence, and more specifically creating systems that understand and reason with spatial information in order to emulate intelligent behaviour.

Contact Information

Email: jason at learningmachines dot au

Recent News

  1. 2023, January. I founded Learning Machines Pty Ltd in Canberra, Australia.